Whether you want an intimate gathering that is low key with a food-truck and a BYOB option, or a huge gala with a three-course dinner and open bar, you have such a range of options to choose from in South Eastern Ontario. From Cornwall to the Bay of Quinte you’re bound to find the most perfect options that will not only fit your style but budget.

I have been living in the South Eastern Ontario region since I was ten years old. I grew up in little Frankford (part of the Bay of Quinte) with parents working at the Trenton Military Base, and in later years moved to the stunning city of Kingston with my now-fiance. Together he and I have built a life of our own, so I knew that this was the area I wanted to celebrate the biggest day of our relationship and our lives.

In December of this year, my partner of eight years proposed to me, I can spare you the fine details but let’s just say there were hundreds of tea-lit candles strewn about the apartment, the song “You and Me” by Lifehouse playing softly in the corner, and a very nervous, handsome man standing on one knee before me. This was the moment I had dreamed of with the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And with this moment came the realization that the wedding I have always imagined about was now mine to create.

Wedding planning is a daunting task, even for the queen of planning, but I’m ready for the challenge. First things first, you can’t have a wedding without a venue. Immediately, I knew that the best place to find a venue would be somewhere close to home – Kingston, Gananoque or Prince Edward County (PEC). I absolutely love the images of rustic backgrounds and wanted to do the ceremony outdoors during the warmer months.

After looking through some gorgeous venues including The Tett Centre and the 1000 Islands Boat Cruises in Kingston, I found myself drawn to the stunning locations Prince Edward County offers. Resorts and wineries such as Lake on the Mountain Resort, Isaiah Tubbs Resort, The CAPE, Drake Devonshire, 100 Acre Wood and Waupoos offer so much variety. Many of these places offer dining and decoration in the cost of a package, room packages at a discount for wedding parties, as well as different backdrops for photos including beaches, farmhouses, gardens and forests.

Each representative I have spoken with have been very welcoming and helpful in working with me on booking a time to tour the site, as well as customizing my choices to suit whatever I need.

(in Lennox & Addington). Last summer, I was granted the blessing of being the Maid of Honour for my best friends wedding. This was the first wedding I had experienced in the South Eastern Ontario region and felt the magic that was created. It was an outdoor ceremony overlooking the pond, led by an aisle placed quaintly between two huge oak trees. Loyalist Golf & Country Club did an incredible job, with a talented on-site DJ, kind staff and beautiful decorating, it was a night I will never forget!

What I love most about planning a wedding in this region, is the amount of variety and choices you have in each destination. Each of the destinations in the South Eastern Ontario region has something charmingly unique about them.

Want flowers? Pam’s Flower Garden in Kingston has a great selection, or Napanee Blooms is known for making a stunning arrangement as well.

Engagement photos? There are so many beautiful locations to choose from, some of my favourites include the waterfront on Amherstview Island, Napanee Waterfront Trail, Wolfe Island, Sandbanks Provincial Park and many, many more.

Honeymoon plans? You don’t need to travel out of the country to enjoy a perfectly romantic honeymoon with the love of your life. Choose from many stunning resorts like Boathouse Country Inn in Rockport, The Opinicon in the Rideau Lakes area or the adorable Glen House Resort.

These are only the beginning stages of what is sure to be the most amazing day of my life. I hope that my journey so far in trying to find and create my perfect wedding will help you in making your decisions when the big day is afoot. I encourage any new bride or groom to venture online and take a look at what is available throughout the South Eastern Ontario region. When it comes to weddings, you will not be disappointed! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out in the end and share my experience. Stay tuned!