Summer is finally just around the corner! Have a blast in South Eastern Ontario, with everything from swimming to stunning scenery, paddling to patios and to helicopter rides to adventures in the treetops. Now is the time to plan your summer getaway to South Eastern Ontario! Splash into summer and make your perfect itinerary with these unforgettable options.


Grab your towel and get ready to beach! Whether it’s cooling off in the clear water, playing volleyball, building sandcastles or simply reading a book, feeling the sand between your toes is good for the soul. White sand and rolling gentle waves await: read more about Beaches in South Eastern Ontario!

On the Water

The pristine waters of South Eastern Ontario are calling – achieve an authentic experience by getting on the water! From water sports to boating, the water is what ties communities in South Eastern Ontario together. Read more about how to make the most of the lakes and rivers in SEO or discover a water-lovers itinerary!

Cottaging and glamping

Enjoy a camping trip that ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary in South Eastern Ontario!  No matter where you stay, SEO is full of spectacular spots for a family getaway or a much-needed escape with your besties, with wilderness around every corner. Take a peek at the glamping and cottaging experiences!


Cold drinks, good company, relaxing outside and enjoying fabulous food – you must be thinking of hitting up a patio in South Eastern Ontario! From streetside to private and from pub fare to elevated food, patios in SEO usually overlook the water and are always the best place to nosh in the sunshine.


This summer, hop aboard a cruise line that weaves through the beautiful waterways of South Eastern Ontario! Read more about both daytrip and overnight cruising available, as you can discover historic castles, waterfront villages, lush wildlife and even locks along the Rideau Canal. 

Family Friendly Farms

Start making memories with family-friendly farms in South Eastern Ontario! Get up close to furry friends and learn about farm life. Whether it’s feeding lambs or brushing donkeys, picking apples or helping with the grape harvest at a local winery, South Eastern Ontario has some incredible agricultural experiences waiting for you. Read more to plan a visit!

Grow Your Green Thumb

Spring and summer are full of promise here – get expert advice coupled with unique plants, perennial trees and shrubs to turn your garden into the talk of the town. Just don’t get too excited and wet your plants! Find out more about community spaces to admire public gardens or where to grow your green thumb in South Eastern Ontario.

Paddles Up!

No matter where you start paddling in South Eastern Ontario, you’ll be sure to finish with unforgettable moments of discovering new perspectives and places on the water! Whether in a kayak, canoe or Stand Up Paddleboard, the fabled rivers and lakes in the region are perfect for paddling to experience nature up close and personal. Find out 10 ways to experience this paddler’s dream.


Forest and fields are yours to explore in South Eastern Ontario! Lace-up and get walking this summer while spending time surrounded by stunning natural scenery. With trails featuring cliffs, boardwalks, footbridges, high look-outs, lush forests and wildflower fields, it’s a hiker’s paradise. Here’s another list of 11 thrilling places to hike, and guess what? They’re all on-leash dog friendly! So be sure to take Fido along.

Looking for authentic summer experiences? South Eastern Ontario is the place for epic date nights, summer adventures and classic summer experiences. You can’t beat the season of heat here – so slap on some sunscreen and hit the road to SEO for something new!