Drive 10-minutes north of 1000 Islands Gananoque along County Rd. 32, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by fertile fields, tall trees and picturesque scenery. It’s the perfect place for an organic farmstead, and it happens to be the home of Roots Down Organic Farm.

Roots Down is located in the heart of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, where five ecoregions converge to deliver the highest per acre biodiversity in all of Canada. The area blends farmland with nature, providing the ideal environment for sustainable agriculture and wildlife. Along with nutrient-rich soil producing flavour-packed fruits and vegetables, the surrounding green space offers unique wilderness experiences that make South Eastern Ontario such a popular destination in the province. 

For Sue and Jeff Klug, owners of Roots Down, that’s exactly what led them to purchasing the property and launching their business – it offered both a quality way of life and a meaningful way to make a living. 

The fields have a rich past, too, dating back to the mid-1800s, with the history showing itself in the forms of forgotten horseshoes, ancient equipment, and the bones of the original homestead and barn. Later, in 1972, the Jones family took over and tasked themselves with transforming the land into what it is today. Throughout their tenure, the Joneses planted over 10,000 trees, turning the single large cornfield into several small fields encompassed by forest.

Get Your Weekly Veggie Boxes And Visit The Farmers’ Markets

Unlike some of the farms in South Eastern Ontario, the Klugs have chosen to limit on-farm experiences at Roots Down. Instead, they focus solely on providing the region’s residents with 100% organic produce through community-assisted agriculture (CSA) shares and at a variety of farmers’ markets.  

Roots Down was Certified Organic by Eco-Cert Canada in 2007 – click here to learn all about their agricultural practices.

As a member of CSA, Sue and Jeff proudly share their harvest with those who appreciate quality food you can only get from a hometown grower. Weekly boxes of fresh vegetables are delivered to customers at a predetermined location; the Klugs also offer recipes along with each box to help keep you inspired in the kitchen. Delivery locations include: 

  • Downtown Kingston – Old Farm Fine Foods on Wednesdays between 4:00PM–6:00PM
  • West End Kingston – Sigrid’s Natural Foods on Wednesdays between 3:30PM–6:00PM
  • North Kingston  – Limestone Athletics on Wednesdays between 3:00PM–6:30PM
  • Brockville Area – Brockville Farmers’ Market on Saturdays between 8:00AM–1:00PM
  • Ottawa – Westboro and the Glebe neighbourhoods on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Gananoque – Thursdays between 4:00PM–7:00PM

The CSA shares are available for most of the year, with the summer shares running from June–October and the fall shares occuring in November and December. Summer boxes include seasonal produce – from leafy greens, carrots and peas to cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes and more – while fall boxes feature hardy crops and tender veggies from the farm’s greenhouse. 

Customers are offered two options when signing up for Roots Down CSA boxes: full shares are delivered weekly for 18 weeks, while half shares are delivered fortnightly over a 9-week period. Full details for CSA shares, including how to sign up and payment options, are available on the farm’s website.  

Depending on your eating habits, CSA boxes can last a few days or longer if stored correctly. Sue and Jeff are happy to provide advice for keeping your food fresh – you’re encouraged to reach out on Facebook if you have any questions.

Roots Down also support four farmers’ markets in the region, giving customers access to local food and the opportunity to meet Sue, Jeff, their children or other staff members in person. These markets include: 

Hours of operation vary depending on the time of year, with some individual markets now offering an online ordering system to provide contactless pickup. As such, it’s recommended to check your preferred market’s website ahead of time.  

Hours of operation vary depending on the time of year, with some individual markets now offering an online ordering system to provide contactless pickup. As such, it’s recommended to check your preferred market’s website ahead of time. 

Growing On Digital Land  

Similar to most businesses in South Eastern Ontario, Roots Down has been faced with adversity during the global pandemic. But it’s brought them closer to their customers in a way, with many people turning to the digital landscape to engage with their favourite farmers and food suppliers. 

For Sue and Jeff, this has provided a deeper connection to residents across the region. Even without on-farm experiences, they’ve been able to interact directly with the public and share the day-to-day life of what it’s like being a grower. It’s given them a chance to tell stories about what’s happening at the farm and communicate to an audience that’s more passionate about supporting local businesses. 

As South Eastern Ontario slowly begins to welcome travellers again, and things return to business as usual, Roots Down is hopeful the digital relationships will continue to grow. In fact, Jeff has set his sights on the future and is seeking out ways to expand and enhance the farm’s presence online. Whether that’s creating more content such as videos and articles, or even leading webinars about the importance of practicing sustainable agriculture and supporting the distribution of local food, only time will tell.     

Until then, you’re invited to follow Roots Down Organic Farm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – their DMs are always open. To learn more about the farm, visit