Don’t let Kingston’s idyllic exterior fool you; it has a creepy underbelly

Employees at the Gananoque Boat Lines office hear footsteps and wailing in an otherwise empty building. In Brockville, Mary Fulford—dead since 1946—is banging on the front door of her mansion during a thunderstorm. 

Are these stories true or just the effects of a few overactive imaginations? It’s hard to say, but you can try to decide for yourself at a haunted walk  in South Eastern Ontario. One thing is for sure, though — ghost tales and reports of other spooking sightings here are common.

Here are three haunted walks that should get your hair standing on end.


1. The Original Haunted Walk of Kingston

Your tour departs from The Prince George Hotel, where Lily Herchmer still haunts the third floor

A guide in a black cape will take you through the limestone city by lantern-light on a 90 minute tour. You’ll hear about the hangings at the old Courthouse, the Organist’s ghost, the haunted student house and Teresa Beam, the pregnant woman who was murdered by her husband in 1868. Keep your eye out for her on the path near the Toucan and Chez Piggy — she’s been known to ask people to help her find her own bones there.

2. The Haunted Walk Experience at Fort Henry

As seen on Ghost Hunters, explore Fort Henry, Kingston’s spooky 19th century fortress, as your guide recounts its tragic history, including the hanging of Nils Von Schoultz, the secret of Deadman’s Bay, and many supernatural encounters! Special late night tours available on select evenings.


Like Kingston, Brockville has its own ghost stories to tell

3. Spooky Lantern Tour

At 287 King Street East in Brockville sits the foreboding Fulford Place, a 20,000 square foot mansion built for self-made millionaire George Taylor Fulford between 1899 and 1901. Fulford’s wife, Mary, often held séances in the home, which attracted well-known Canadians, including Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, who was trying to contact his deceased mother through paranormal means. Mary was terrified of thunderstorms, and today, according to witnesses, you can hear banging on the main door during storms. Is it Mary? Find out on a one-night-only haunted tour of Fulford Place.