From pancakes to taffy you will definitely have a sugar rush once you get back home. 

The late winter temperatures bring our favourite time of year – maple syrup season. Headlining maple season in South Eastern Ontario are two events: Maple in the County in Prince Edward County, and Maple Madness in Kingston. Consider these 8 amazing experiences for your maple “bucket” list this March.

1. Eat Pancakes In A Sugar Shack

Piping hot pancakes piled high, slathered with butter and drizzled (or drenched) in freshly made maple syrup. It’s the ultimate maple season experience, made better when enjoyed in the company of friends and family. Whether your chosen side dish is bacon, sausages or more pancakes, this maple syrup experience is not to be missed.

2. Hike Through A Sugar Bush

With the crunch of snow under your boots and the refreshingly crisp smell of spring in the air works up an appetite for piping hot pancakes!

3. Take A Stroll (Or Snowshoe) In A Vineyard

A winery tour during the off-season is a winter wonderland delight! Rent or bring your snowshoes for a peaceful walk through a lakeside vineyard. And just like hiking, you’ll be hankering for breakfast when you’re done! Weather permitting.

4. Eat Maple Taffy Off Of Fresh Snow

Nature’s favourite candy – maple taffy – is a sweet treat that is best enjoyed in the warm spring sunshine. Dipping thickened maple syrup into fresh white snow is a delicious and timeless syrup season tradition.

5. Visit Baby Farm Animals

A sure sign of spring is the arrival of the most adorable baby animals in farms throughout the region. Cuddling with fluffy chicks, peeping ducklings and woolly lambs is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Children can enjoy pony rides at selected farms. Have your cameras ready for this cute photo op!

6. See How Maple Syrup Is Made

Did you know that it takes 40 litres of sap to make 1 litre of maple syrup? When you visit a sugar bush, you will hear the fascinating history of maple syrup, see sap dripping into pails (or modern tap lines that zigzag through the forest) and peek at the giant evaporators where the magic of maple syrup happens! You’ll appreciate syrup so much more after hearing about the effort that goes into making this sweet treat.

7. Indulge In Unexpected Maple Syrup And Food Pairings

The ideal experience for sophisticated palates! The spring season inspires farmers, artisan food producers and chefs to create flavourful maple themed meals. Caramel apples, mac and cheese, sausages, crepes, desserts, aged cheese, ribs, pulled pork, French toast and more tempt your taste buds with every stop along the self-guided Maple in the County route. Reservations required at some locations.

8. Sip Maple-Inspired Wine, Cider And Craft Beer

With a nod to the mighty maple, local wine and cider makers and brewers infuse this seasonal staple into their beverages for a delightful sipping experience. Some wineries and breweries, like Barley Days, Trail Estate and The Grange have seasonal wines, waters and brews to you to enjoy, whereas our other wineries welcome you into their tasting rooms for you to enjoy your favourite red, white or ale.

For more maple-y activities happening in Prince Edward County, visit the official maple weekend website!