Fall is a great time to Visit Kingston, there’s plenty do from live performances by local talent to events to get you in the mood for Halloween. Take a look at this list of 7 things to do this Fall in Kingston. We even added a playlist recommendation to get you in the mood for the trip plus “the number 1 fun thing to do in Kingston.”

1. Cruise The Waterway In Style This Fall

Cruises aren’t just for summertime anymore! Both Kingston Destination Group and St. Lawrence Cruises offer a variety of cruises that will show you the beautiful City of Kingston and stunning St. Lawrence River with an Autumn backdrop.

Kingston 1000 Islands Boat Tours

Choose between 90 minute and 3 hour cruises, hear live entertainment and enjoy some gourmet food prepared by their talented culinary team while you learn some interesting facts about the Kingston waterfront including its 19th-century Military Defence Fort (Fort Henry), cottage islands such as Wanderer’s Channel and Bateau Channel, shipwrecks, and other unknown folklore.

St. Lawrence Cruises

If you are looking for a memorable vacation this Fall, book a spot on the Fall Harvest and Colour Cruise with St. Lawrence Cruises. You won’t believe the beauty of the colourful shoreline as you travel from Kingston to Montreal (and back) over 8 days and 7 nights. Get your camera ready as you will pass serene shorelines decorated with falling leaves in beautifully rustic colours. Enjoy many excursions that take you off of the boat and onto land to enjoy what we call “Fall Harvest”.

2. Will You Survive The Living Nightmare Of Fort Fright ?

You may want to leave the kids at home for this frighteningly fun outing. Located in the historic (and probably haunted) Fort Henry, a Military Defence fort originally built in the early 1800’s, Fort Fright holds nothing back when it comes to scare tactics. With talented “actors” running behind curtains and hiding in the shadows, you won’t be able to hold back your screams as they jump out and follow you through a frightening maze full of your deepest fears. Known locally as one of the top events of the year, you should be afraid to miss it! 

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3. Walk, Eat, And Repeat With Kingston Food Tours

Who doesn’t love food? We know we do! How can you feel guilty if you are walking between bites? The Kingston Food Tour is a walking tour of the Limestone city’s beautiful downtown hub. Blending drool-worthy food with sightseeing and inside secrets about the historic culture and thriving community will have you ramped up for a fun night on the town. With food so delicious, people come from hundreds of miles away to explore their taste buds, you can expect to try some mouthwatering fish tacos, creamy gelato and aromatic sauces at each of the many locally-owned restaurants featured on this tour.

4. History Is Very Much Alive At The Kingston Penitentary

Dress for the weather and keep the kids at home on this tour as you will be given a first-hand glance at one of Canada’s oldest penitentiaries. Follow your knowledgeable tour guide around the inside and outside grounds of the Kingston Pen and hear stories from retired guards who remember the good, the bad and the ugly of this beautiful building’s history. Beyond the incredible story-telling and interesting history, you will be in awe of the beautiful architecture of this timeworn building.

5. Catch Live Performances By Local Talent

Music is a language that everyone speaks, and if you have heard of The Tragically Hip, then you know that Kingston produces incredibly talented musicians. Many of the bars and restaurants feature local talent throughout the week and weekends all year long. We have highlighted some of the top spots for you to hear the Kingston sound on your next trip to the city.

Musiikki Café– Visit this hot spot any night of the week for local music, including Jazz Monday, Open Mic Tuesdays and the Goodnight Irenes every Thursday! The Toucan – A rustic and cool pub that is always looking to share local talent. The Toucan features different local bands from a variety of genres including Ghetto Express, BAG$, Goldwing and Maybelleen. Olivea – If jazz gets you jazzed then you need to check out Olivea on Tuesdays between 6 and 9 pm for their traditional jazz night. No cover required and delicious Italian food available! The weekly jazz nights feature local artists such as Spencer Evans, the Downtown Trio or the Dave Barton Trio.

Blu Martini – With live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, the Blu Martini features local talents including Chris Jackson and The Great Unwashed, all while offering some of the best cocktails in town. The Mansion – Not only does the mansion offer some great eats and fabulous drinks, but you can also find new local bands playing on their upstairs stage on most nights of the week. Check out their events page on Facebook to get all the details. The Merchant – Another one of Kingstons hot-spots on the weekend. You are bound to make new friends and find a new favourite band at The Merchant any weekend of the year. Hit up the pub around 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays to hear the sounds of Smitty, Kings of the Cold and many more.

Turn It Up!

In case you are looking to expand your playlist with more Kingstonian musicians, we have put together a list of some of our favourite local artists. You can also check out more on the Visit Kingstons’ Soundcloud.     

Beta 58 – If you are feeling the loud and proud Rock ‘n Roll. Golfwing – For those who don’t like to stick to one genre. Jimbo – Get dizzy with this psychedelic rock group. Huraches – Twist it up with this Instrumental Surf Punk party. Deux Trois – Inspire yourself with this 80’s style, dark pop musical talent. The Meriunges – A little indie/punk for you punks and punkettes. Sweet Talk Jackie – A beloved local rock band to get your party started. Savannah Shea – Feel it in your soul with this jazz, blues and pop trio. Relatively Minor – Check your feet. Are you wearing your jazz shoes?. Ghetto Xpress – Because it wouldn’t be a complete list without a little bit of Funk and R&B!

6. Catch A Show At The Grand Theatre

Celebrate fall on stage at this cultural hub known lovingly as the “The Grand”.  The Grand Theatre in downtown Kingston lives and breathes history and the arts, with more than 250 professional and amateur events held each year. This fall live is where it’s at with big names like musicians Matt Mays, The Jim Cuddy Band joining comedians Derek Edwards and Red Green on the bill, in addition to ballet, classical artists, musicals and more. Make autumn one to remember and see a live performance unfold on stage in a historic setting!

7. Try And Escape With Improbable Escapes 

We couldn’t finish this list off without telling you about the number 1 attraction in Kingston! Improbable Escapes is the perfect way to get your fill of adventure. If you and your pals have a thing for mystery, puzzles and creative-thinking, then this is your jam! Book a private adventure with your favourite people and get locked in a room for 60 minutes, then put your heads together to escape before the buzzer goes off. Choose between the creepy and the cute from their many experiences including “Coroners Report”, “The Cure for the Common Zombie” and “Love Letter Lockdown.”

Plan Your Next Fall Getaway To Kingston!

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