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Supporting our community during COVID-19

The Extra Mile

We get it.

This year’s been hard. And we know you’re probably eager for a change of pace, not to mention a change of scenery. Thankfully, with many local attractions and businesses open and ready to welcome you, it’s a good time to stay close to home and go the extra mile in South Eastern Ontario.

From our quaint small towns to our breathtaking bays, wineries, golf courses and hiking trails, extraordinary is closer than you think – and we can’t wait to show you a safe and exciting experience. But we need your help to do it.

Let’s go the extra mile.

Here are some tips you can follow, in line with Canada's public health department, to do your part to travel responsibly and help everyone have an enjoyable experience.


Be aware

Before travelling, always reference local health guidelines for the latest travel updates and developments. Things can change on a dime, so it’s best to be prepared.


Don’t travel if you don’t feel well

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or you don’t feel well, stay at home and don't travel. It’s important to stop the spread of COVID-19 and avoid putting others at risk.


Plan ahead

Avoid disappointment by booking attractions and making hotel and restaurant reservations early to ensure availability. Go the extra mile and ask about safety guidelines to know what’s expected of you. Also, try to map out your bathroom breaks before you hit the road – or at least know where bathrooms are located. Sometimes nature calls unannounced, but with many places operating on reduced hours (and some closed entirely), it helps to have a plan.


Be safe

Before entering indoor public spaces, make sure to wear your mask properly over your nose and mouth. (And try to bring a few extras. Having some back-ups means you don’t have to worry about losing your mask or washing it daily.)


Pack smart

In addition to masks, don’t forget to pack cleaning products and hand sanitizer. And try to bring things that can help you reduce unnecessary stops on the road. Think beyond just snacks, drinks and entertainment by considering your car’s needs, too – an extra quart of oil, a jug of coolant or wiper fluid, and even a portable gas container in your trunk.


Be trashy

Yes, you read that right. Try to remember to throw out your garbage in a respectful manner. Our small towns and rural areas need your help to stay clean and litter-free. Try to lead by example and ask others to do the same!


Be kind

Try to thank front-line workers whenever you can. Business operators, tour guides, servers, retail workers and others are the most vulnerable right now, and they’ll appreciate a friendly gesture. Tip generously if you can.


Prepare for weather

Pack the right clothing for the activities you’re doing, as well as an umbrella to protect yourself from the elements – rain, sun, both (we’re in Canada, aren’t we?).


Be mindful

Keep others safe by travelling exclusively within your bubble – it’ll help put everyone at ease. Also, if you’re taking pictures of your adventures, be mindful of those around you.


Share your stories

If you enjoy travelling in South Eastern Ontario (and we hope you will!), let our communities know. There’s no price tag to follow small businesses on social media, leave a review, engage with their posts, or give them a shout-out – and it goes a long way in supporting our recovery efforts.

By following these guidelines, using common sense and being respectful of others in our communities, you can go the extra mile to help us ensure everyone enjoys their experience.

With that in mind – get exploring!