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Natural Wine Making Workshop

This fun in the garage with a bunch of wine enthusiasts, two part workshop will see you learn hands on how to make wine in it’s most pure form. Using only grapes.

You’ll learn how wine matures and develps naturally by sampling from your own batch over time.

If you attend both days, you will be making one case of your own wine to take home.

Saturday September 26, 2020 4pm – 8:00pm
The first day workshop covers.
– The art (not the science) of natural wine making
– Equipment
– Sourcing of grapes
– Processing of grapes
– Fermentation stages
– Wine and snacks

Sunday, October 04, 2020 4pm – 8:00pm
The second day covers
– Pressing
– Transfers
– Settling and maturing
– Storage and Oak aging
– Bottling
– Tasting of our previous years natural wine
– More wine and snacks

Supporting our community during COVID-19