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Days Spent Outdoors... It's In Our Nature

Imagine being able to visit a different lake every day for 13 years! With over 5000 lakes it’s no wonder that you can find some of the world’s greatest fishing and boating opportunities in this region.

On the shores, this is a hiker’s paradise with nearly 600 kilometers of trails that crisscross through the region. With its natural beauty, rolling farmlands, small towns and historic sites this is motorcycle heaven. Hop on your bike and cruise down some of the best roads in Ontario.

Nature beckons in the Lennox & Addington and Frontenac County with a wide range of camping experiences – from spacious RV-friendly sites, to more remote areas that are only accessible by water. Take in the unspoiled natural scenery and give bird watching a try. See if you can spot a few of the 356 species that call this region home.

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Summer Splendor At SpindleTree Gardens
Summer Splendor At SpindleTree Gardens
Hell Holes Nature Trails
Hell Holes Nature Trails
L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area
L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area
Trails And Beaches
Trails And Beaches
Wolfe Island Gallery Breathes Island Art
Wolfe Island Gallery Breathes Island Art

Summer Splendor At SpindleTree Gardens

Get immersed in nature and marvel at the spectacular SpindleTree Gardens just south of Tamworth in Lennox & Addington. Wander through this 20-acre peaceful haven in an English park setting along well kept paths.  With thousands of spring bulbs, perennial walks, rose gardens and even an enchanting arched iron bridge the gardens provide a serene escape from May to October.

Stroll past a waterfall and peek in the pond to see goldfish and water lilies. Stop and enjoy cream tea with a light lunch or treat yourself to cupcakes in the SpindleTree Tea Room. Don’t forget to stop for photos of the unique croquet pavilion with mini historical buildings the owners built as croquet hoops!


Flashlights Required

Hell Holes Nature Trails are spectacular, jaw-dropping and beautiful. The trees are lush, green and massive and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world. But the main event is the ragged looking hole in the ground and the cave it leads to. Your descent into darkness starts on the narrow ladder that will have you climbing down to explore this fascinating cave below. Make sure to bring a flashlight and if you go on a hot summer day, you’ll be in awe of the temperature difference in the cave.


In the Land O’ Lakes region you can escape from the haze of artificial city lights and sleep under a canopy of stars. If you’ve ever wondered what the night sky looked like 100 years ago, spend an evening stargazing at the Lennox-Addington County Dark Sky Viewing Area.

Professional astronomers have said that the Dark Sky Viewing Area is in the most southerly point in the province, where you can still get a perfect, unimpeded view of the night sky. Stargazers can catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights or the nebulae, that make up just a tiny part of our Milky Way Galaxy. You don’t need to bring any professional equipment to enjoy the celestial sights here, though a decent pair of binoculars or a camera is always recommended. If you want to set up your camera or telescope, the tennis-court-sized concrete viewing area is the perfect spot. Another option is to bring your lawn chairs and stay warm under a blanket while enjoying the peaceful view.

Find the Lennox-Addington County Dark Sky Viewing area in the Sheffield Conservation Area, just north of the 410 on County Road 41, just 36 kilometers north of Napanee, Onatrio. Lennox-Addington County Dark Sky Viewing Area


Trails and Beaches

With an abundance of beautiful lakes and some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario, Land O’Lakes is a great place to enjoy an authentic Canadian experience.

The Beach at Big Sandy Bay on Wolfe Island

It takes a ferry ride and a small hike to get there, but the journey to Big Sandy Bay on Wolfe Island is one of the reasons why this beach so great. Once you arrive it’s all sand and sun on the magnificent St. Lawrence River.

To get to the bay, take the Ferry from Kingston across to the island and then travel by bike or car on Highway 95 to Reed’s Bay Road to 3rd Line Road. Park in the lot or lock your bikes at the gatehouse. The 1.3-kilometre nature trail takes you to the beach. There is a small park entrance fee for adults, with discounts for bikes, families, children and frequent visitors.

Frontenac Provincial Park

Explore Frontenac’s 5,355 hectares on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. This beautiful park is open all year and has 48 interior campsites.

Canoe routes are available through 22 lakes and there is over 100 km of looped backpacking and hiking trails. This is a wonderful place to fish, view wildlife, hike or enjoy the water.

Wolfe Island Gallery Breathes Island Art

Tucked away in the Wolfe Island Community Hall is a home for fine art, crafts and creations from the artists on the island in Frontenac County. The Wolfe Island Gallery is located in Marysville on Wolfe Island, and allows local creativeness to bloom by giving it a collective space in the historic hall with a community-minded approach.

The variety of media is visually stunning – from wood carvings to metal work and canvas to stained glass it’s produced by local artisans and makers. This gem is built on the legacy of the former Stone Heron Gallery and is essentially a non-profit collective that showcases fine arts and creations by artists living on – or connected to – the Frontenac Islands. This arts space is a feast for the eyes and easily discovered by foot after a trip across Lake Ontario on the Wolfe Island Ferry.


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