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Cornwall is situated in the heart of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Whether it’s taking in the beautiful waterfront trails, tantalizing your taste buds at one of the many great restaurants, visiting the historic sites, and popular campsites, there are countless ways to enjoy this destination.

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Hot & Beachy Days Spent At Campgrounds
Hot & Beachy Days Spent At Campgrounds
History Springs To Life
History Springs To Life
Summer Cycling
Summer Cycling
Quench Your Thirst
Quench Your Thirst
Can You Escape In Time?
Can You Escape In Time?

Hot & Beachy Days At Campgrounds

There is no shortage of waterfronts in Cornwall and SDG Counties, so it’s not surprising that there are also beautiful beaches to visit. Soft sand and luscious green space beckon on those warm summer days and provide a great place for a family picnic. Find your favourite beach below.

Charlottenburg Park Beach
Much more than a beach, located in Lancaster it offers magnificent scenery with accompanying multi-use paths, wilderness trails, swimming, and volleyball.

Crysler Park Beach
Located next door to Upper Canada Village and Crysler Park Marina, Crysler Beach is the perfect place for family gathering and office picnics.

Farran Park Beach
Located on a peninsula that juts out into the St. Lawrence River near Ingleside. Farran Beach is a wide arching sandbank with playgrounds for the kids and a relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect family getaway.

Glengarry Beach and Picnic Area
Less than an hour west of Montreal, Glengarry Beach and Campground is located on the tranquil shores of Lake St. Francis on the St. Lawrence River.

Iroquois Beach
This lovely, sandy beach is a popular attraction in the town of Iroquois. Open to the public, it offers a great view of the Iroquois Dam and plenty of green space.

Mille Roches & Woodlands Beaches
Boasting the largest sand beach on the St. Lawrence corridor spanning a long arching bay. The beach features watersport rentals and an island-themed snack bar. Woodlands Beach and Picnic Area, located on the riverside of the island, is the ideal location for large scale community events.

Morrisburg Beach
This beautiful beach is located in the historic village of Morrisburg along the St. Lawrence River, and has all that is needed to enjoy a beautiful summer day with the family.

History Springs To Life

Visit Upper Canada Village and time travel back to 1866, to a pre-confederation Canadian village. Here, you will experience all the sights, sounds, and smells that went along with village life on the St. Lawrence River, during this period.

Historical interpreters in period costume go about their daily business as they would have in 1866, sewing the latest London fashions, blacksmithing, making cheese, carving furniture, farming, and churning out the latest Gazette from a period printing press. Just be sure to keep an eye on the road to avoid running into a horse-drawn carriage. This creates an environment so realistic, that even the most nitpicky Canadian history buffs come away having learned something new.


Summer Cycling

See remarkable scenery around every curve while biking along the Waterfront Bike Trail, spanning the length of Cornwall and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties. This meandering cyclist recreational path encompasses the entire waterfront in Cornwall promising amazing views of the as a backdrop to the blue of the water.

The scenery and easy access to the trail is perfect for family cycle trips, with beaches, dining options, and attractions such as Upper Canada Village, and the Cornwall Community Museum along the way.  Pack a picnic and stop in Cornwall’s Lamoureux Park!  This is the epitome of an easily-planned yet unforgettable day trip. Make memories on two wheels this summer along the Waterfront Trail in Cornwall!

Quench Your Thirst

Cornwall and SDG Counties is an emerging mecca for wine and beer enthusiasts. Touring between breweries and wineries is the perfect day well spent. Beautiful countryside? Check. Refreshing bevies? Check. Ambiance through the roof and trend-setting brew houses? Check. The hardest part about a wine and beer tour in Cornwall and SDG Counties is deciding where to stop first!

Humble Beginnings Brewery features a taproom, bottle shop and beer garden. This small-batch, community-minded brewery is located in the heart of Ingleside along the St. Lawrence River. 

Stone Crop Acres is known for treating their grapes like family. They are hand-harvested, crushed, and pressed on-site in Morrisburg. Each wine is crafted in their own winery is small artisanal batches. With a patio and tasting room, Stone Crop is open. Look here for exciting live music, too!

Say cheers to discovering locally-crafted beer at Rurban Brewery – the first brewery to be back in Cornwall in about a century. This fiercely independent brewery crafts quality beer with all-natural ingredients where taste matches the unparalleled commitment to customer service here. Come explore the taproom at Rurban, open throughout the week, to get a taste for local brew!

Stonehouse Vineyard is a five-acre vineyard, situated in a park-like setting in Lochiel. In addition to a beautiful stone house, a large, renovated timber and beam barn houses the winery and store, providing scenic views of the surrounding vineyard and farmlands. Drop by for a Stonehouse store tasting or patio tasting or book a unique package!

You don’t have to be family to love this place – stroll around and get in the know at Wood Brothers Brewing. This microbrewery offers tours, frosty beers and friendly brewmasters – as well as events! Lastly, crafted locally using small batches of select apples from SDG Counties, the Upper Canada Cider Company is the newest on the scene and uses minimal filtration and all-natural ingredients. 

Can You Escape In Time?

Plan your escape from the hottest new entertainment attraction: Rush Hour Escapes Cornwall. To complete the mission in this challenging real-life adventure game, players have to work together to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles to escape before time runs out.  Your adventure awaits with one of the four escape room missions: Operation Mindfall; Magic Portal; Gallery Heist or CSI: Cornwall Murder.

Groups of four to eight players have 60 minutes on the clock to find their way around the mission by solving puzzles that test your brain and teamwork skills. Round up family and friends and see if you can speed through rush hour in Cornwall!

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