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Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site

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In the 1830’s stoned windmill for grinding grain was built on the North Shore of St. Lawrence River just east of Prescott. During a four-day period in November 1838, British troops and local militia defeated an invasion force of 300 American “Hunters” and Canadian rebels. The Battle of the Windmill victory prevented the invasion force from capturing Fort Wellington, Ontario, and cutting the St. Lawrence communications link, which would have left Upper Canada open to invasion. In 1874, the mill structure was converted into a lighthouse and served as an aid to navigation on the upper St. Lawrence River for more than 100 years.

On site today, you will find interpretative panels that tell the story of the Battle of the Windmill, an audio visual presentation, and a small gift store that sells history books and military gifts. Staff will lead you on guided tour of the windmill. Be prepared to climb the stairs to top of the windmill for a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding area.