From our quaint small towns to our breathtaking bays, wineries, golf courses and hiking trails, extraordinary is closer than you think – and we can’t wait to show you a safe and exciting experience.

We know you’re eager for a change of pace, not to mention a change of scenery. Thankfully, with many local attractions and businesses open with enhanced safety measures in place, it’s a good time to stay close to home. Here are some tips you can follow, to do your part to travel responsibly and help everyone have an enjoyable Summer!

Don’t travel if you don’t feel well

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or you don’t feel well, stay at home and don’t travel.

It helps to have a plan.

Avoid disappointment by booking attractions and making hotel and restaurant reservations early to ensure availability. Go the extra mile and ask about safety guidelines to know what’s expected of you. Also, try to map out your bathroom breaks before you hit the road – or at least know where bathrooms are located. Sometimes nature calls unannounced.

Be trashy

Yes, you read that right. Try to remember to throw out your garbage in a respectful manner. Our small towns and rural areas need your help to stay clean and litter-free. Try to lead by example and ask others to do the same!

Share your stories

If you enjoy travelling in South Eastern Ontario (and we hope you will!), let our communities know. There’s no price tag to follow small businesses on social media, leave a review, engage with their posts, or give them a shout-out – and it goes a long way in supporting our recovery efforts.

By following these guidelines, using common sense and being respectful of others in our communities, you can go the extra mile to help us ensure everyone enjoys their experience. With that in mind – get exploring!