1000 Islands Gananoque offers everything from being wined and dined to casual goodness; from pub fare to unique cafes this area along the St. Lawrence River has exciting dining options. Eat your way through them all!

Keep in mind that we have even more fantastic food-dens for you foodie fanatics! Ask a local about their favourite places next time you visit 1000 Islands Gananoque

1. Laverne’s Eatery

Not only do they put a healthy twist on diner food but their extensive craft beer menu is enough to draw in crowds! It’s no wonder why this is the local hot spot.

2. Maple Leaf

Tastes like true European cuisine, because it is true European cuisine! Maple Leaf is owned and run by two Czech born Canadians who take a lot of pride in melding their cultures into a taste bud frenzy. Enjoy some Chicken Schnitzel or mow down on some Polish Sausage and Bratwurst, or re-order an old favourite like the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.

3. The Old English Pub

Keeping with tradition, The Old English Pub is exactly what you would expect, a true-blue pub with an incredible number of draught beers, scotch and wine. We recommend you try any of their juicy burgers, or the Chicken Pot Pie, made with chicken, mushrooms and veggies in a cream sauce and flaky pastry.

4. The Purple House Cafe

How do you feel about pizza? Joking! We know you love some good ‘za any day of the week. How about you grab your best pals and check out The Purple House Cafe the next time you drive through beautiful Gananoque! Customers rave about their scrumptious vegetarian pizza, full of drool-worthy toppings including fresh beets, feta, basil leaves and sundried tomatoes – yum! This is a must stop when it’s open during the summer!

5. Panaché Bakery & Café

For our lovers of delicious, healthy treats. At Panaché Bakery & Café, you can expect outstanding service and an even greater product. They offer real food with no added preservatives or additives. Everything is made on the premises so they can answer all questions regarding ingredients.

6. Riva

Modern Italian cuisine and the St. Lawrence River may not sound like the most natural combination, but after a visit here you’ll wonder why it took so long to combine the two. Housed in a century-plus-old building with exposed stone walls, vaulted ceilings and clean, contemporary furnishings, Riva is all about simplicity done right.

7. Graydon at The WoodView Inn

The WoodView Inn is set in an elegant mansion built in 1877. Graydon is located inside and is open to the public as well. Try the smoked duck breast pasta!

8. Glen House Resort – Shipman’s Dining Room

Craving Prime Rib? Then you need to eat here! Delicious, mouthwatering, slow cooked (all the best food adjectives) Prime Rib is a hit at this spot! Not only do you get a full meal but you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River.

9. The Ivy Lea Club – The Ivy Restaurant

Elegant interior, check, waterfront views, check, exceptional service, check, amazing food, CHECK. Treat yourself to an evening at The Ivy and feel like an elite.

10. 1000 Curry 

Customers from far and wide constantly rave about how great the food at 1000 Curry is, and to make it even better, the owner, Ben, and his family are incredibly warm, welcoming and great conversationalists. With delicious Indian spices infused into every dish and customizable options to boot, you will have a new favourite for all your future visits to Gananoque.

11. Cornwall’s Pub

Warm and cozy in the Winter, fun and breezy in the Summer, and delicious all year ‘round! Cornwall’s pub offers up a cozy, casual dining experience with a Tiki Bar open in the summer season for some extra fun! You will be sure to meet some locals to learn the best-kept secrets of Cornwall, all while munching on some delectable grub including three battered sriracha cod tacos or their mouthwatering salt & pepper dry ribs.

12. Mavericks

Newly opened and ready to serve you, Mavericks is Gananoque’s freshest pub! Grab some takeout for the after-party like their scrumptious poutine and buffalo cauliflower, or choose a healthier option for a family dinner like their homemade Bourbon BBQ pizza.