This year isn’t traditional – and these aren’t traditional gift ideas.

Health and wellness mean so much more than treating yourself. Go beyond “me time” this festive season and encourage your loved ones to nourish their mind and body all year round. From spirituality, to vitamins, to holistic living and natural foods, this region is ripe with healthy living options.

Here’s a look at what to buy online in health and wellness for your favourite people.

1. Tara Natural Foods

Start on a journey of health with online shelves that are brimming with nutritious whole foods and natural body care. Whether you’re looking for clean beauty or want to pick up ingredients for a healthy dinner, Tara Natural Foods is the natural choice.

2. Pam Fountas

A coach and consultant in wellness, movement, personal development and business, Pam is highly regarded in the community. She’s known for her unique ability to create a safe space and encourage clients to own their strength and potential. Gift the gift of clarity with life coaching this festive season.

 3. Nature’s Tonic

Wellness store with a registered nutritionist on staff. Breathe, nourish, grow at this alternative and holistic health services shop, which includes a smoothie and juice bar as well as an amazing array of vitamins in the supplement shop!

4. UBU Skills

Can you give confidence for Christmas? Yes, you can! Meet Megan Hamilton who provides speaking, visibility and confidence coaching. Clients sound more assured and engaging, focused and assertive in any situation. Book a free 15-minute introductory call through the UBU website.

5. Deeply Living

A place to empower women and work together to make real steps towards creating a life you’re passionate about! With a Mindset and Fulfillment coach at the helm, live a life with more purpose and happiness. Optimize mental health through stress management and mindset work which helps gain clarity.

6. Food Freedom Body Love

Find food peace and body joy – what’s a better gift than that?! Working with Dr. Jillian Murphy, the Food Freedom/Body Love method taps into your body’s inner wisdom, regulates your appetite, reduces negative eating patterns and improves body image, health and more. Develop a new way to define authentic health for you.

7. Mama Miller Doula

Postpartum Doula to help guide families through the first days, months, or even the whole first year after baby is born. Every person and family deserves to be supported through the postpartum journey with kindness, knowledge, humour, and compassion no matter the birth outcome.

8. Spiritual Alchemy Wellness

Experience the positive changes that mindfulness can make! Spiritual Alchemy is a unique wellness studio combining traditional and modern methods of promoting improvements in physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We’re talking sound meditation and mantra healing, Reiki, Thai massage therapy and more. Prepare to be aware.

9. Hawk Moon Healing Arts

As a metaphysical gift shop and healing centre, Hawk Moon Healing Arts is the meeting place for Psychic Medium services such as readings and workshops, as well as the retail shop for stunning products, gifts and services to support spiritual journeys.

10. Very Shari

Known for the unrivalled selection of sterling silver jewellery, Very Shari is a fun stop for simple hoops and bangles, to semi-precious stones in traditional and eclectic settings. Also selling rocks, crystal and stone pendulums, geodes, incense and much more. Perfect pretty things for presents!

11. Rooted Love

These floral smudge sticks are beautiful and beneficial! Made with cedar, sage, and gorgeous dried botanicals (we’re in love with the dusty rose colours…), some even accompany agate or a quartz crystal. Also check out the Bloom Boxes here, too! Instant happiness.

Editor’s Note: We encourage you to learn about the significance and origin of smudging. Smudging is an important ritual for many Indigenous people. If you’re interested in smudging and learning the proper ways to go about doing it, there are people who are willing to teach.

12. Verde Alternatives

This environmental general store offers earth-friendly alternatives, built on the principles of environmental, economic and social responsibility. From bath and body items to cleaning supplies, notebooks to Canadian-made masks and litterless lunch options, Verde is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable shopping experience, meeting fair trade standards with the least amount of environmental and social harm.

13. Prestigious Concierge

All the luxury of a personal assistant without the full-time commitment! With simply not enough time these days, Prestigious Concierge is there to offer day-to-day assistance with lifestyle management. Whether it’s running errands, grocery shopping, or even collecting quotes for a home reno project, Prestigious Concierge is there to serve clients at the highest level. Take a weight off someone’s shoulders this holiday season and inquire about booking and pricing online.

14. Radical Roots

These seeds are the bomb! Radical Roots created seed bombs filled with a blend of wildflowers seeds aimed to regenerate pollinator species, like bees, butterflies and more. With minimal effort and some patience, throwing or dropping a seed bomb provides one square foot of beautiful wildflowers. Creating a more sustainable future in the palm of your hand.

15. Brave Soul Lacelets

Crystal beaded bracelets with healing properties to help anyone conquer the world in style. Each lacelet is made with stones which are noted to have beneficial qualities towards health and wellness. Thoughtfully created by two sisters with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

16. Boho & Hobo

Eco-products for a zero-waste lifestyle! Check out these stylish, eco-friendly and sustainable products designed to eliminate single-use plastics. Look for kitchen eco-products such as wax wraps, infusion travel bottles, bamboo cutlery sets, glass and stainless steel straws and more, as well as health and beauty eco products like washable reusable make-up remover pads, Turkish towels, eco yoga mats, and eye pillows.

17. Barefoot Soapworks

Handmade, natural skincare products for the whole family. Coloured and scented by nature using essential oils, clays, charcoal and botanicals. Take a peek at some of the fun names for the Barefoot soaps: The Woodsman; Dirty Hippie; Canadian Shower; Holy Guacamole, and more! This skincare is hard-working and long-lasting – authentic nourishment for your skin.

18. Girl Friday Kingston

Whether it’s running errands, preparing healthy and delicious meals, gardening or if the lovely senior in your life is in need of a good listener and friendly face – that’s where Girl Friday steps in. Supporting seniors with their day-to-day living is Beth Wylie’s passion. Get in touch online to give the ultimate gift to your loved one – companionship and assistance.

19. Saltastic

Salt Therapy is a safe, effective complementary tool that can be used in addition to a physician’s recommendation for skin and respiratory care. It provides a natural way to cleanse and maintain skin and respiratory system from inside and out.

After the year we’ve had, rejuvenating mind and body should be on everyone’s wish list. Make the holiday season shine by shopping locally and giving the gift of health and wellness for your loved ones.


If we can’t make it social in real life this season, let’s make it social online! Topsy Farms, Mackinninon Brothers, and Enright Cattle Co. have launched a Campaign to Spotlight Local Businesses and will be using their social media profiles to highlight local shops using #ShopLocalSEO. Vendors will not only be provided with space at real-life events, such as the Enright’s and Mackinnons Christmas Holiday Markets but vendors will have their stories shared online. Shoppers are encouraged to use the hashtag on social after their latest purchase or to feature some of their favourite locally-owned shops. Any business with a website can be part of this campaign, so hop on board! Follow along and use the hashtag #ShopLocalSEO.