If you’re looking for more thrilling ways to spend some one-on-one time with your S.O., South Eastern Ontario has plenty of options for you.


1. Skywood Eco Adventure Park 

Whatever your age or perceived ability, you’ll find multiple ways to get your adrenaline pumping at one of the largest zip line and treetop adventure courses in North America. The eight zip line canopy tour, for instance, takes you through the treetops, over a limestone cliff face and 70 feet over the Jones Creek Marsh. The adventure courses lead you through bridges, swings, nets and zip lines as you move from one treetop platform to the next. And the Treewalk Village is a series of treehouses connected with elevated walkways. This is also home to the first permanent accessible zip line in Canada for those with special needs. Check out this blog post for 8 things to know before you go.

1000 Islands Gananoque

2. Skydive Gananoque

It’ll be tough to find a more adrenaline-pumping experience in the region than this one. And since Skydive Gananoque has been around since 1971, you can be sure these folks not only know how to make it a memorable experience but a safe one, too, whether it’s your first time throwing yourself out of a plane or your thousandth. Plus, since you’ll be free-falling high above Gananoque, you’ll get one of the two best views of the Thousand Islands. The motto here: “We believe that jumping out of an airplane isn’t just about throwing yourself at a planet; it’s about being part of a society that doesn’t back down when they call us crazy.” So go on, be crazy.

3. 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours

The other way to get the best views of the Thousand Islands is to take a helicopter tour. And at this operator just north of Gananoque, you have five choices: a 10-minute 1000 Islands Tour, a 20-minute Boldt Castle Tour, a 30-minute Two-castle Tour, a 30-minute Kingston Tour and a 1-hour The Works Tour. They’re all private and they’re the only way to truly get a sense of the size and the beauty of this 1864-island archipelago. You’ll also quickly see why this area is one of the continent’s most biodiverse. Minimum 2 passengers for dispatch. Maximum helicopter capacity is 3 passengers.

4. 1000 Islands Scuba Diving

It’s hard to beat the 1000 Islands when it comes to freshwater scuba diving. The waters in the St Lawrence River here are so clear divers can usually see 50 to 60 feet in front of them most of the year (60 to 100 feet in the fall). And what they’ll usually see is rich wildlife and the final home for ships from all over the world. Over 200 shipwrecks lie below the surface, some from the 19th century. No wonder scuba divers in the know call this place the “Caribbean of the North.”

Lennox And Addington

5. Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves

A green metal ladder descending into the narrow mouth of the Hell Hole cave.
Photo: Mac Armstrong – Flickr

This is your spot if your idea of adventure is climbing down through a hole in the earth and investigating an underground cave. Millions of years ago the Salmon River flowed through this area about a half hour north of Kingston. It carved the limestone into overhanging ledges, mushroom-shaped rocks, caves, gullies, potholes and sinkholes. It’s one of the most unique geological areas in South Eastern Ontario, and because it’s now empty of water, you can explore it on the 3.2 kilometre trail here. Your journey will take you over a natural stone bridge, through a mini rainforest, across a gorge and down into “Hell Hole Cave,” which requires a 7.5-metre descent and a flashlight.

Frontenac County

6. Frontenac Outfitters Canoe & Kayak Centre

*This one goes out to the people who are afraid of open water. It’s time to venture out onto some water adventures! Get rowing with the squad test your skills with guided courses led by professional paddlers.

Bay of Quinte

7. Shannonville Motorsport Park

The customizable race track at this gearhead’s nirvana east of Belleville has hosted some exceptional car, kart and motorcycle races over the years. And sure, you can go just to watch the races. But you can burn some rubber too. There’s a one-day high-performance driving school for novices run throughout the summer, for instance, and there’s a more advanced car racing school as well. You can also book the track for private use.

8.Trenchtown Wake Park

Stop by Trenchtown Wake Park for cable wakeboarding! The park has two straight-line cables with jumps and rail features that will cater to both the seasoned riders, or someone who is just getting started.

Cornwall and SDG Counties

9. General Splatters Paintball Park

You won’t find a better paintball park between Ottawa and Montreal than this one in Lancaster, which is about 20 minutes east of Cornwall. There are six distinct playing zones on the property, each with names like “Ewok Village,” “D-Day” and “Field of Screams.” They feature bunkers, foxholes, forts, a castle, trenches and bridges connecting the different zones. There are also two dense forests on the property. When you’re shot dead, head back to base camp where there’s a bathroom, barbecue, picnic tables and a viewing area to see who else gets painted up. Equipment rentals are available, as are plenty of paintballs.


10. The Boiler Room Climbing Gym

What was once the boiler room for a 19th-century woollen mill is now a state-of-the art climbing gym with Canada’s highest indoor ascent. If the 100-foot chimney climb sounds like too much, though, find your wall in one of two rooms, where there are 40 ropes and over 80 climbs to choose from whatever your skill level. There is also a bouldering structure with a 17-degree wall, a 53-degree wall, an overhanging arête and a top out option for members. Beginner and advanced lessons and programs are available, as are change rooms, showers, lockers, equipment, and snacks and drinks. Open seven days a week.

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