‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’ 

Since a picture is worth a thousand words it’s only right to find the perfect place to snap it up while visiting South Eastern Ontario. This region is known for its picturesque backdrops, charming scenery, and vibrant architecture – making it an Instagram-worthy place to visit. So, if you’re chasing those likes, these backdrops are sure to impress your followers. Read on to discover the 26 most picture-worthy outdoor places and spaces!

Go the extra mile and plan ahead! If you do plan to visit a location, please check each location’s website, or connect with their staff via email and telephone, for updates on COVID-19 procedures and operations. Keep in mind that some businesses may still be closed. When you are visiting, respect the environment and obey any local laws. These places are more than just pretty backdrops!

1. Kingston Sign

Sitting in front of the old train station across from city hall is the Kingston sign.  This tourist staple is one of the best places to take a picture.  Give Instagram your best pose when you make yourself the I in Kingston.

2. Rochleau Court / Alley

Rochleau Court is a former carriageway and is perfect for Instagram.  Enjoy food and drinks on one of the restaurant patios it’s home to.  While you take your perfect shots, watch out for a ghost as Rochleau Court is said to be haunted.

3. Queen’s University

Walking through one of the oldest university campuses in the country takes you back in time.  The limestone buildings are a perfect backdrop for a selfie or just a picture of the historic architecture.

4. Joel Stone Park Lighthouse

On the shores of St. Lawrence River in Joel Stone Park, there is the picture-perfect red and white lighthouse.  Take away a virtual souvenir by snapping yourself in front of this adorable building.

5. Gananoque Town Hall

Nothing screams small-town Ontario like the Gananoque Town Hall.  Built in the 1830s, this beautiful building takes you back in time.  It gives off such a cute vibe that is perfect for your Instagram feed!

6. 1000 Islands Tower

When you think of the 1000 Islands, you often imagine the best view you can get would be from the water. While that is a spectacular angle to experience this stunning location, we recommend that you check out the 400 foot tall 1000 Islands Tower, where you can get an aerial view of the beautiful islands that make this location so special.

7. Frontenac Provincial Park

Even beginning hikers are going to fall in love with the Arab Lake Gorge Trail at Frontenac Provincial Park.  Walk along the boardwalk around wetlands and awe-inspiring rock faces.  You won’t feel like you’re in Ontario anymore as you relax in the wilderness.

8. Railway Tunnel

In the middle of Brockville’s downtown is Canada’s first railway tunnel.  Dating back to 1860, the Railway Tunnel lets you see some stunning architecture and geological features.  The tunnel has been restored for visitors to wander the tunnel.  The coloured lights make for the perfect Instagram shots!

9. Sandra S. Lawn Harbour & Marina – Prescott

Discover the blooms in Shakespeare’s Gardens, which is part of the 1000 Islands and Rideau Canal Garden Trail, and arboretum on the Heritage River Trail.  The Sandra S. Lawn Harbour & Marina is also home to the Prescott Heritage Harbour Lighthouse, a green and white structure that marks the entrance to the marina. Nearby is the Little Blue Church that was built in 1790!

10. Sager Conservation Area Tower

Step away from reality and step into amazing views.  At the end of a one-kilometre trail is a 30-foot lookout tower with photo-worthy views of the Bay of Quinte.  Sager Conservation area will give you the perfect backdrop for your Instagram snaps.

11. The Wings On Bridge

Spread your wings and strike a pose in front of this colourful mural in Belleville’s Downtown District. Capturing the vibrant colours of this amazing piece of art is perfect for Instagram.

12. L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area

Get starstruck at the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area.  Get wowed and wow your Instagram audience with incredible, clear views.  Experience the most amazing views of the night sky, something you can’t do in the city.  The L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area is also the perfect place to experience the Northern Lights.

13. Springside Park

Combine the calmness of nature and the quaintness of small-town Ontario at Springside Park in Napanee.  Take a beautiful walk and view the Springside Parks Falls or have a picnic along the river.  The Napanee River is one of two places in the world that experiences seiche tidal changes.

14. Hickory Lane Alpacas

Who doesn’t love Alpacas?  At Hickory Lane Alpacas, you can feed them right from your hand! In addition to Alpacas, this little farm also has many animals such as goats, pigs, horses and peacocks!  All of these adorable farmyard animals will become the star of your Instagram feed.

15. Topsy Farms

Topsy Farms on Amherst Island is a must-see place!  This working sheep farm will let you visit with the sheep, who are great photo partners.  Depending on the season, you may even see lambs!  While you’re visiting Topsy Farms, be sure to check out the extremely welcoming Amherst Island itself.

16. The North Glengarry

Usually, when you go to a restaurant, the food is what you’re snapping photos of.  At The North Glengarry, the food is amazing, but the patio is unlike any other.  Sitting alongside a dam while eating is a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.  The building itself is also worth visiting as it was built in 1819 and is the oldest standing building in Alexandria.

17. Lancaster Wharf

Enjoy a pop of colour while you spend some time by the water at these painted boathouses.

18. Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

Set 60 metres above Lake Ontario, Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park has the best view of the Glenora Ferry.  The water is clean, fresh and is a natural curiosity as it is unclear where the water comes from.  The park is perfect for picnicking, walking along the boardwalk or taking the perfect photo from the viewing platform.

19. Sailboats At Prinyer’s Cove

Populating the picturesque waterfront at Prinyer’s Cove are sailboats.  Take a break and watch them sail in and out and make sure you snap a photo.

20. Crystal Palace

Built in 1887, Crystal Palace has been lovingly restored and serves as an event space at the Picton fairgrounds.  The massive windows let in a lot of natural light and it has a historic colour scheme of light yellow, green, with natural wood floors.

21. The June Motel

If Instagram was a motel, it would be The June Motel in the heart of Prince Edward County! This 16 room boutique motel has the perfect aesthetic to update your Instagram feed.

22. Prince Edward County’s Lavender Field

You’ll feel like you were transported to the English countryside as you visit this garden of purple blooms. Stop by the boutique shop for a large selection of lavender products to complete your visit.

23. Lamoureux Park Waterfall

If you’re visiting downtown Cornwall, Lamoureux Park is a must-visit.  As you venture deeper into the park, you’ll come across a beautiful waterfall.  This peaceful spot is the perfect place to relax while listening to the water.  You’re sure to get some great pictures and it will be worth the walk. As you make your way to the waterfall in Lamoureux Park, you’ll walk across a wooden footbridge.  No matter the season, the bridge is such a beautiful photo opportunity!

24. Spy Rock

If you travel to the quaint village of Westport, you will need to take a relaxing walk at the Foley Mountain Conservation Area. From there, you can go to one of the best viewing locations in the entire area! At Spy Rock, you can view the crater, created millions of years ago from a meteorite that crashed into the planet *~cOOl~*

25. Silver Queen Mica Mine Trail

Did you know that Eastern Ontario was once the mica mining capital of the world? Mica is used to build a number of insulating materials, and this was once the location where hundreds of miners would come to find their version of “gold.” Enjoy the beautiful trail and step back into history inside unique mines to see the land how it was when Canada was in its earliest years.

26. Rock Dunder

Take the 3.9 km Summit Loop, which has gorgeous views of rocky cliffs and mountain peaks and ends with a 360-degree view of the Rideau Waterway.

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