Here are our favourite Instagram posts from 2019!

We’ve collected some of the most memorable posts of 2019 from our amazing Instagram community. Along with these photos, we’ve included 12 of our favourite Instagram accounts who either live or have visited South Eastern Ontario this year!

We wish you all of the best in 2019 and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020. Don’t forget to keep tagging us with #GreatWaterway to share your adventures in South Eastern Ontario with us!


Why you should follow: @88jlo88

If you are looking for inspiration for your next trip to Kingston, make sure to check out this account. As a self-proclaimed locavore, you’ll enjoy seeing her adventures around town with her adorable son.


Why you should follow: @robbiegardenphoto

Robbie clearly has a great eye for people and impeccable taste when it comes to colour and texture for the outdoors.


Why you should follow: @entre2escales

Marie & Michaël’s Instagram feed is brimming with gorgeous shots of South Eastern Ontario and the rest of the world. If you’re looking for blogs written in french – you’ll want to follow this account!


Why you should follow: @rosalyngambhir

Rosalyn’s Instagram feed showcases her travels around South Eastern Ontario and all of the delicious food she eats. You’ve been warned, this account will leave you feeling hungry.


Why you should follow: @crabuckle

On Charlotte’s feed, you’ll find the perfect blend of portraits and the outdoors. Her photos will help you see how truly beautiful people are.


Why you should follow: @alijabos

This photographer’s Instagram feed is worth envying. Unbelievable views, fantastic framing and images that don’t disappoint.


Why you should follow: @andrewmdarling

Andrew has certainly seen some sights over the years and we love his bold work.


Why you should follow: @hoptheshark

If you’re a fan of colourful snaps, then this is a photographer to follow. The vivid colours in Mark’s photos often look more like artwork than photography pieces.


Why you should follow: @shutterthestill

Stop everything and follow this Instagram feed. This photographer has a fantastic eye for beautiful urban shots.


Why you should follow:

Sometimes you just can’t get enough of landscapes! Follow this photographer and you’re bound to see plenty of brilliant moody landscapes.


Why you should follow: @kysabashir

We absolutely adore this feed! Even though Kysa resides in Ottawa, we needed to include her on this list! Her trips to Prince Edward County will give you some serious Instagram pic goals.


Why you should follow: @nik.dh

Nikki loves to capture adventures and beautiful moments, and we think avid-outdoorsy people will especially appreciate them!

So long, 2010s. Thanks for the Memories!