Are you looking to road trip somewhere in South Eastern Ontario but not sure where to go? Check out these microbreweries, do a couple of tastings, and stock up on your favourites.

1. Stone City Ales 

Stone City Ales defeats the saying “you can’t please everybody” in the only categories that matter – beer and food. Priding themselves on always providing top-notch ale, this local brewery stays true to tradition while adding their distinct creativity to give each pint its own character. Round out your evening with some mouthwatering and unique meal pairings such as their Savoury Pancakes, made with house sauerkraut and wildwood cheese.

2. Spearhead Brewery 

Spearhead Brewery is paving its path to becoming one of Kingston’s best brewing companies. Founded in Toronto in 2011, this brewery found its permanent home in Kingston back in 2016.  With a retail shop open late, you can grab drinks and accessories to take home with you after a long-days work. If you’d like more of an experience, take a seat in their tap room, open from 11AM every day to experience the brewing process in real time, or take a tour of their state-of-the-art brewery. 

3. Kingston Brewing Company

One of Ontario’s oldest brewpubs, established in 1986, Kingston Brewing Company is Canada’s oldest wine-producing pub. You can take in the awesome brew-themed decor and may have a hard time choosing just one of their many bubbly beers available. Try out their White Tail Lagered Ale, or sip on the Cran-apple Cider and top it all off with a mouthwatering lamb burger to really make a memorable experience.

4. Riverhead Brewing

This brewery from Kingston is super unique. All of their cans are brewed on site and their local values come across in their delicious beers!

5. MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company

Sourcing their ingredients from their very own farm, the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. takes their rural roots and brews it into a uniquely tasteful beer inventory. Beer tasting doesn’t get more original then when you have a cold one at this brewery. Originally a farm, the MacKinnon family decided to turn their family farm into a farm based brewery.

6. The Napanee Beer Company

Popular selections at this brewery include, Blacklist Black German Lager and Extremist Belgian IPA.

7. 1000 Islands Brewery

In a transformed building from 1895, 1000 Islands Brewery and pub is the perfect pairing with summer. Stop by for a pint and a meal, tour the brewery or sign up for one of their brew school events. Try the Wheat made here, served with a slice of lemon. It just might be your new summer go-to beer!

8. Windmill Brewery

Property offers more than just beer. Pavilion hosts tours, tastings, and event bookings.

9. The Gananoque Brewing Company

It’s likely no surprise that beautiful Gananoque can also make a beautiful beer. The Gananoque Brewing Company takes pride in being able to offer locally sourced ales planted and grown by local farmers and has committed to supporting the community by offering Terroir beers, made from unmalted local grains. Known for always being inhabited by local beer lovers, you can bet on meeting the owner, Bruce on your next stop in.

10. Rurban Brewery

A brewery that takes pride in its local roots, Rurban Brewing are in the business of making fresh, community cultivated beer served up cold and smooth. Rurban is the first brewery to plant itself in Cornwall in over a century, so they take pride in making sure that every batch they pour up is all natural and brewery-fresh.

11. Wild Card Brewing Company

Looking to do something different this weekend? You’ve got to make your way to Trenton and visit Wild Card Brewing Company. Wild Card has made a night of drinks as “chilled” as possible by offering an onslaught of locally made brews, old-school board games and popcorn!

12. Signal Brewing Company

It’s no surprise that Signal Brewing Company is one of the top breweries in South Eastern Ontario. Priding itself on their ability to combine mouthwatering beer with top-notch entertainment, Signal Brewing is the perfect spot to build lasting memories after a hard week of work. Pair one of their classic brews with one of their delicious meal options, varying from a smorgasbord of cheeses to fall-off-the-bone ribs.

13. 555 Brewing Co

555 Brewing Co offers a wide selection of different unique beers as well as delicious woodfired pizza to snack on! Pizza + Beer = a match made in heaven!

14. Parsons Brewing Company

This is the triple threat. Brewery, Restaurant, Store. Imagine this, you stop in on a hot Saturday in mid-July, sit down and order yourself an ice-cold, fresh draft, and follow it up with some authentic Mexican cuisine, and you are in summertime heaven. How can you make this feeling last forever? Take it home with you! Parsons Brewing Company wants you to keep the vibe going, so you can pack up some extra brews to take back to your humble abode.

Treat your taste buds to a refreshing change and appreciate brews, ciders, and spirits crafted in South Eastern Ontario