The fun doesn’t have to stop.

If you’re missing your friends and family, it might be time to plan some virtual dates! We’ve rounded up some ideas to make your isolation feel less lonely. After all, social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected.

1. Get your daily dose of cuteness (and learn a thing or two) at The Aquatarium in Brockville. Check out the otter feedings and live cams of their newest member: Justin Beaver. Hop onto their social media channels with your friends and visit The Aquatarium together.

2. Host a virtual costume party with this Social Distancing Playlist on Spotify. Our favourite hits include: Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely by The Backstreet Boys, and Toxic by Britney Spears.

3. Set up a virtual tasting tour in your home and invite your friends to join in online. Order from our local producers of craft beer, wine, ciders, and spirits.

4. Join a virtual brewery and cheese tasting session with the owners of Daft in Kingston. Sign up for their newsletter to and follow them on Instagram to find out when they’re hosting their next event! You can also join a tasting session with the ladies at ‘She’s Crafty YGK.’ Check their Instagram page for their next event! Each of these Kingston companies can deliver your smorgasbord of tastings.

5. If you’re missing happy hour with the crew, recreate your favourite boozy bevs at home with spirits from Kinsip Distillery. Cheers to isolation! Make it a competition and time your speed with one another.

6. Test your cooking skills with your friends by trying out some new recipes. We like this recipe by Upper Canada Village on their Village bread recipe!

7. Schedule a cooking night with your friends and recreate a dish from a restaurant you all miss. We suggest checking out Chez Piggys Instagram account for recipes to inspire you!

8. Take some virtual music lessons and attend virtual concerts in the Bay of Quinte with All Access Music and Pinnacle Music Studios

9. Many of the artists in Prince Edward County are streaming live shows on social media, including Instant Rivalry, Benni Vander, Miss Emily and many more. The Waring House is showcasing several crowd favourites on its Facebook site, such as Greg Wyard, Mark Despault and Robert Keyes.

10. Tune in to a live music series featuring artists of all genres with The Isabel Sessions in Kingston.

12. Binge-watch history lessons of Prince Edward County by Peter Lockyer with his History Lives Here videos. The series include 2-5 minute videos on topics such as local geography, industry, families, buildings and Indigenous People.

13. Take a 3D virtual tour of the Glanmore National Historic Site located in the Bay of Quinte.

14. Gather the family online and take a historic virtual tour of Cornwall. There are several dozen plaques with each one showcasing a different piece of history. These plaques are scattered throughout the waterfront, Downtown, Le Village and feature amazing artwork by Pierre Giroux.

15. The Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County is hosting a virtual lunch with one of their artists. Get a glimpse into that artist’s world, their work – and maybe even their studio. Full details can be found on their site, but upcoming artist include: Deborah Samuel, Adam Cohen, Shayne Dark, Alice Teichert, and  Milly Ristvedt.

16. Put down your phone and pick up a book! Schedule some time each day to turn off your Wi-Fi, put your phone on airplane mode, and enjoy being off the internet. You can later connect with friends in a virtual book club to share what you’re reading.

17. Take a look at websites like Improbable Escapes, Sherlock Escapes, and Escape Room Picton for virtual escape rooms!
If you’re looking to boost up morale within the (at home) workplace, Sherlock Escapes has a virtual murder mystery game designed for 40-100 people!

18. Call up your friends and start planning your next road trip to South Eastern Ontario.

If you have any tips on making the most of our time as we continue to social distance ourselves, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!