Get excider’ed!

Crisp, refreshing, and naturally gluten-free, ciders are perfect for any season. Luckily for us, our cider culture is thriving in South Eastern Ontario. You won’t want to miss out on visiting these cideries!

1. Hard Way Cider Co 

Family owned and operated, Hard Way Cider believes hard work and innovation is reflected in every cider they produce. Ensuring every step of the hand-pressed and barrel-aged process is completed to perfection, you will be sure to get a crisp, refreshing beverage that you can trust was made “The Hard Way” – no cutting corners here!

2. FieldBird

Discover this orchard-based cidery in Prince Edward County where the owners wear their hearts on their sleeve. Not only is the charming cider at FieldBird a treat, but their tasting room in Bloomfield also has a playground for your littles and a garden to enjoy. Rumour has it that FieldBird also has a snailmail newsletter – subscribe and you’ll get a hand-written note in your mailbox every now and again! Imagine.

3. County Cider Company 

Producing apples in Prince Edward County since 1850, this family-owned and operated cider company has the history to back up its delicious product. In the early ’90s, the County Cider’s fine beverage was so good it began selling in the well-known and loved LCBO. With over 16 varieties of apples, each cider created uses traditional cider apples to provide a unique flavour profile that is sure to impress even the most experienced cider lover. Check out their website, where you can find their variety of sparkling ciders and even learn what you should pair it with for your next get together.

4. Apple Falls Cider

You can find Apple Falls Cider nestled away inside Campbell’s Orchards’ store to double up on the experience! Each of their ciders offers a unique tasting experience from using cherries to maple syrup!

5. Clafeld Cider House and Marketplace

Your go-to spot for unique ciders! Try the Abracadabra, which is tart with floral notes, and a dry finish. Bonus, it’s also a pretty lavender colour.

6. Loch Mór Cider Company

It’s all about the apples. This brand new, orchard-based, small-batch cidery makes high-quality traditional cider that pays homage to the owners and the area. Loch Mór recently opened a tasting room, featuring glasses of their 2017 blends (Farmhouse, Golden Russet & Pommeau). Look here for cider cocktails, too, which vary each week!

7. Crimson Cider Company

This is a premium farm to table cider on a 23-acre property complete with a tasting room and a gorgeous old stone house. Crimson Ciders are blended with Ontario apples and a portion of Crimson Crisp juice to give them a signature flavour. You won’t find added sugars or sweeteners here – they craft and produce in a dry style. Stop by to try the unique Crimson taste!

8. Cold Creek Vineyards

Imagine this: wandering into the barn on a warm summer evening, indulging in some cider at the tasting bar and letting the future memories happen. Cold Creek lives for these moments! This producer of award-winning farmhouse ciders in Hillier is known for its beautiful vineyard, swoon-worthy ciders, summer sunsets and many a barn bash.

9. BUSL Cider

The purest cider for real cider fans. Enjoy quality and refined flavours that are packed with antioxidants such as blueberry & beet and Haskap. Tour the 280-acre property which includes an apple orchard, Lavender, and their own Haskap!

10. Upper Canada Cider Company

How do you like them apples? The Upper Canada Cider Company is just getting started, crafting small-batch, semi-sweet cider made from locally grown apples from across the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry. Debuting Three County Cider last summer, the up-and-coming company uses minimal filtration and all natural ingredients – and it shows in each tasty glass.

11. MacKintosh Cider House

The exciting next step for Flying Canoe Cider is in progress: the MacKintosh Cider House in Spencerville! Located in the original home of the grandson of John McIntosh (who discovered the McIntosh apple) the owners of Flying Canoe are hard at work to offer MacKintosh Cider House as a place for innovation and all good things. Keep an eye out for more in the coming year!

Good vibes and good libations