Eat your heart out!

Some of the most memorable road trips stem from the places we stop to eat and feed our souls. And while the Bay of Quinte and SDG Counties are known for their breathtaking scenic sights, your memories are made at the pubs, restaurants, vineyards and breweries you stop at as you pass through. Satisfy your hunger and make your road trip unforgettable with these itineraries.

It’s official, Ontarians can get some money back if they choose to travel within the province thanks to Ontario’s staycation tax credit. The Personal Income Tax (PIT) credit would provide Ontario residents with the support of 20% of eligible 2022 accommodation expenses of up to $1,000 for an individual and $2,000 for a family, for a maximum credit of $200 or $400, respectively.

Please check with all businesses for updated hours of operation, programming, COVID-19 policies, and restrictions.

Day 1: SDG Counties

SDG Counties is an emerging haven for wine enthusiasts. Touring between wineries along the beautiful countryside of SDG Counties with close friends is the perfect day well spent. Stone Crop Acres is known for treating their grapes like family. They are hand-harvested, crushed and pressed on-site in Morrisburg. Each wine is crafted in their own winery is small artisanal batches. Whether you have a particular palette or are trying it for the first time, Smokie Ridge Winery makes sure there is an option for you. Choose from deliciously flavours like sweet apple, peach, and apricot, and enjoy a cozy sit on their patio

In the evening, stay at Russell Manor and enjoy their Culinary Package.

Day 2: SDG Counties & Cornwall

Start your morning with a visit to Barnfull O’ Goodies . This isn’t just an antique shop – it feels like you’re coming home when you walk in the door. Barnfull O’ Goodies in Morrisburg offers an incredible variety of beautifully-displayed antiques, vintage finds, collectables, handmade and hand-crafted items, as well as upcycled and repurposed pieces. Look here for salvaged treasures, too, so you can create your own upcycled masterpieces! 

Next up, tour SDG Counties and Cornwall’s trendy microbreweries to see how beer is made and what the latest is on tap. Humble Beginnings Brewing Co. is just down the road in Ingleside ​​and is a small-batch brewery, taproom, bottle shop and beer garden, has even been designated as a bicycle-friendly brewery. Raise a glass to this brewery!

Before heading to your next brewery, visit Nautica Grill & Wine for lunch. This restaurant is tucked along the waterfront at the Long Sault Marina. Offering a modern approach to comfort food with Mediterranean inspiration, Nautica plates more than just a wholesome meal. Captivating scenery combined with a rustic, laid back atmosphere and friendly staff will have you stopping by as you travel back and forth through South Eastern Ontario. 

Next up, visit the taproom at Rurban, open throughout the week, to get a taste for a local brew!

A drive down a picturesque country road will lead you to Ferme Butte & Bine Farm where you will spend the evening.

Day 3: SDG Counties

Take the drive up to the intriguing St. Raphael’s Ruins National Historic Site. This is the location of the remains of one of the earliest Roman Catholic churches in English-speaking Canada. It was consumed by fire in 1970, but the outer walls were spared and its impressive scale and fine masonry work continues to attract the tourists to the site. While out touring this spot, visit Bishop’s House of Glengarry to learn more about this historic area.

Now is the time to treat yourself to a glass of wine from Stonehouse Vineyard or savour a pint at Wood Brothers Brewing Co. Take in the bounty first hand!

If you want to create a classy evening, head over to Buvette du Marché in Alexandria. Begin your night with some of their signature tapas, and pair it with a crisp cocktail.

Day 1: Bay of Quinte

Spend quality time outdoors going for a run, hike or bike in the Bay of Quinte region, surrounded by beautiful forests at the Batawa Trails. Download a trail map, lace-up and discover why it’s dubbed the small hill with a big heart.

Driving through the Bay of Quinte is always a beautiful trip during the Spring and Summer, why not make it even better by stopping for some ice cream at this scenic spot in Frankford. What’s Your Scoop offers 22 different flavours, milkshakes, ice cream floats, slushies and splits so there is something for everyone!

Next, find out what all the fuss is about and witness the passion that goes into craft brewing at Wildcard Brewing. Afterwards, dig into some seriously mouth-watering food for dinner. Look here for a list of outrageously great places to eat in Bay of Quinte!

Our favourites include Chilangos Mexican Restaurant and Linguine’s Italian Restaurant. At Chilangos, enjoy a dining experience that will make you feel like you’ve taken that much-desired trip to Mexico. Family owned, Linguine’s cooks up authentic Italian cuisine in a casual setting that will make you feel right at home. End the night with a cocktail or glass of wine from award-winning cocktail maker and sommelier, Alex Bruce-Lepage, owner of The Lark.

Day 2: Bay of Quinte

In the morning, get to horsing around at this Paso Fino Horse Farm. Fina Vista Farm is the perfect spot for anyone that loves horses. For lunch, treat yourself to a crafted brew at Signal Brewery.

Spend an extra day and venture down a quiet county road to the Chapel Royal of the Mohawks. This National Historic Site is one of only six Royal chapels outside of the United Kingdom and one of two in Canada. Look here also for a plaque commemorating  Dr. Oronhyatekha’s (Burning Sky) grave – according to Bay of Quinte Tourism, he was one of the first Indigenous doctors in Canada and the first-known Aboriginal Oxford scholar.

​​You might work up an appetite when travelling in South Eastern Ontario but you’ll never go hungry. In South Eastern Ontario restaurants cater to every whim of culinary delight – and elevate the dining experience to the next level.