These restaurants in Cornwall and SDG Counties cater to every whim of culinary delight – and elevate the dining experience to the next level!

1. Philos Greek Cuisine & Pizzeria

This Greek-style restaurant believes in tradition, so they create all of their food from family recipes that have been passed on over the generations. Picky eaters are welcomed, as they offer plenty of regular menu items such as hot dogs, chicken wings and club sandwiches. Philos shines though with their undeniably delectable Mediterranean lamb chops and Greek-inspired appetizers like their Saganaki (Kefalotyri cheese flambéed with Metaxa).

2. Schnitzels

If you enjoy the nightlife but want to keep it high-class, you should take your fam over to Schnitzels European Flavours. A fine-dining lounge and nightspot that has been created with international influence from places such as Venetian cafes, Welsh pubs and Italian food. Experience Europe in Canada’s Cornwall with a Schnitzel made just for you, or a Portobello Mushroom Tower with savoury chickpea and tomato ragout and goat cheese. Did we forget to mention? Schnitzels also makes wood-oven baked pizza from scratch.

3. Upper Canada Village Restaurant

This is a blast from the past that you won’t want to miss on your next trip away from home. An adorable hotel that is beautifully restored from centuries past that provides incredible historical meals. As a bonus, the meals are served by incredible actors dress and act as though they were part of the 1800s. They also have an eatery by the gift shop that makes some of the BEST grilled cheese you will ever have! Fresh made bread and cheese made on site – how cool is that?

4. Truffles Burger Bar

Throw on some jeans and a nice shirt for this not-so-normal burger joint. One of Cornwall’s best restaurants, this trendy spot isn’t afraid of a tastebud challenge! Truffles offers an array of wild burgers including the Aloha Burger; made with back bacon, grilled pineapple, and cinnamon. Or try the Truffle Burger made with double beef, black truffle shavings, and truffle mayo. Yum!

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5.Sheep’s Head Bistro

An ideal place to have an intimate dinner with someone special, the Sheep’s Head Bistro offers a cozy, professional atmosphere for its patrons. Everything about the experience at Sheep’s Head Bistro has been thought out. The staff go above and beyond to ensure each meal is prepared with flavour, and that each customer is treated with open arms. Try out the Butchers Cut with Parmesan Fries (comes with its very own house-made garlic sauce) or try the Buratta Fusilli (mozzarella, stracciatelli, wild mushrooms, rose sauce, balsamic and roasted almonds).

 6. Thums Kitchen

Thums Kitchen is renowned for its promise to stay true to Thai culture and embodies this with its decor, staff, and food. Look forward to full-flavoured menu options including Pad Ka-Phrao (chicken, beef or pork with garlic, hot chili, peppers, mushrooms, and sweet basil) or Spring Rolls and Papaya Salad.

7. Table 21

No list is complete without an oyster and steakhouse recommendation! Table 21 is raved as an incredible house of surf and turf from patrons across Canada. Unforgettable ambiance and service is matched only by the flavours infused in their ribeye and filet mignon.

8. Quirky Carrot

Fresh, cozy, and healthy are the best words to describe this uniquely named cafe in Alexandria. The owner, Julia, takes passion and pride in providing healthy foods to her community. She will serve you up some deliciously healthy options such as their ‘Avo-Toastie’ (Fred’s bread, avocado, balsamic-lemon drizzle, hemp seeds and radishes) and smoothies such as the soulful Cherry Blossom Smoothie (black cherries, cocoa nibs, almond butter, dark cocoa, almond milk and vanilla).

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9. Esca Pizza

Step up your dining experience for your next pizza night by finding a seat at Esca Pizza in Cornwall. They take pizza to the next level by using incredible fresh ingredients including san marzano tomatoes in their special sauce. Dine on their Chipotle pizza, with a chipotle sauce, mozzarella, maple smoked bacon, fresh bruschetta, chicken and onion floss to top it off.

10. The Smokin’ Bull

Sometimes keeping it simple is best when you are looking for a hearty meal. Head over to The Smokin Bull for respite from those major fried food cravings. From starts like Jersey Shore onion rings and deep-fried cheese curds to great entrees like the smokin’ burger or brisket on a bun, you can be sure to stop that tummy from growling for the rest of your evening.

11. La Belle Sorelle Bistro

Known locally for being one of the most chic restaurants in Cornwall, La Belle Sorelle Bistro has a little something for everyone, without ignoring your health goals. Enjoy giant portions of unique takes of common dishes such as their caesar salad buddha bowl with quinoa chicken and bacon, or take home a seafood lasagne to pass off as your own at your next dinner party.

12. The Spicy Pearl

This new hot spot brings a little bit of the Caribbean to Cornwall with a menu inspired by Jamaican and Haitian heritage. Enjoy these juicy favourites such as oxtail, curry goat and chicken, fresh rolls (made in Thai, Jamaican, Haitian styles), and rice pilaf with and lima beans.

13. Edwards Bistro

Fine dining but affordable is how many describe this top-notch bistro in Cornwall. Edwards Bistro sources its local ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes by their Red Seal Chef and owner! Try their Chicken Cordon Bleu and be transported to France with the delightful flavours of chicken breast stuffed with brie and bacon, with a dijon rosemary cream sauce.

14. Butlers Restaurant Pub

Make your next dinner date a fun one by visiting Butlers Restaurant in Ingleside! The lovely owners take special care to pay extra attention to detail for all of their dishes, and the staff are unmatched in their customer service! Everything on the menu is excellent and homemade so you know it is made with love.

15. Buvette du Marché

If you want to create a classy evening for someone special, take them over to Buvette du Marché in Alexandria. Begin your night with some of their signature tapas, like the roasted bacon-wrapped olives with sweet dill sauce, and pair it with a crisp cocktail like the elderflower margarita, made with tequila, lime and orange liqueur. 

16. Iron Forge Pizza

Eat your heart out at Iron Forge Pizza next time you are passing through Winchester! You will quickly become a regular of this classic pizza joint as they build all of their pies from scratch. Try their dragons breath pizza with a side of garlic knots for a finger-licking good time!

17. Cat House Gregors

If you haven’t tried Thai food before, you need to check out Cat House Gregors for the best Thai food in Morrisburg! You can find plenty of great options including pad thai or glass noodle stir fry noodle dishes, or some crispy chicken stir-fry with pineapple sauce! If you have special diet restrictions, not to worry! They offer altered spice, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic and allergy alternatives!

18. Flavour Kingdom 

Having been the first Punjabi restaurant to grace the city of Cornwall, Flavour Kingdom takes pride in providing authentic flavours in their cuisine. Get a true taste of India and allow your tastebuds to travel overseas by trying out some unique traditional dishes like their Kadhi Pakora, or go for a more common delight like their chicken curry and rice!

Keep in mind that we have even more fantastic food-dens for all of you foodie fanatics! Ask a local about their favourite places to eat next time you visit Cornwall SDG Counties.